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to introduce daily calm into your life and to strengthen your connection with the powerful life force energy that gives birth to all life.

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Life Force Activation Relaxation audio

From my first meeting with her I found Kat to be extremely warm, caring and empathetic and she made me feel very comfortable to open up to her.

Kat’s support has been amazing – having weekly sessions has allowed me to explore my feelings about my fertility journey as well as issues I was experiencing in my life and it has made such a difference to feel heard and supported. It has been super useful for me to have someone holding me accountable to the success steps and making sure that I integrate some of these new tools/behaviours into my life. 


Learning to process my emotions in a healthy way rather than just suppressing them til I burst has been especially powerful. I loved having the hypnosis recordings to listen to in between sessions and to make a part of my daily routines.

- Kelly 

Kat has been very supportive and offered different point of views on various problems. I wish I have met her years ago.

I have always known while trying to conceive for 6 years that my mental health and emotional support where seriously lacking. Yet there seemed to be nobody out there to provide what I needed.


In our first chat with Kat, I had a chance to pour out all that has been bothering me for years and then working through the sessions has shown me where to focus, how to be calm and happy in my current situation. 

- Martina

I wanted to say a big thank you to Kat who was patient, kind and a considerate specialist.

Focusing on the mental health aspect of fertility and pregnancy was the biggest change for me - I think I was just going through the motions of IVF etc ignoring a lot of the emotional aspects. I was blocking out thinking about what the IVF process was doing or creating in my mindset. I think the positive mind has such an influence on our body and the mindset sessions in conjunction with other treatments can really benefit fertility but also, and more importantly, help empower clients to cope with whatever life throws at them.

-  Sophie 

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