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Are you going to pull out your pocket watch and make me cluck like a chicken?

Haha. No, I won't, I promise. That's the job of the stage hypnotists. It's a common misconception though, so a valid question. But while stage hypnosis is there for entertainment, hypnotherapy is there for therapeutic purposes. They both require a different set of skills and training and I am only trained to do therapy. Apart from some bad jokes, I can not, nor do I want to, entertain. So you're safe with me. 


Is there any risk involved with hypnotherapy?

There's no risk with hypnotherapy if you choose a well-trained, qualified and accredited therapist. However people with certain medical conditions like epilepsy, psychosis and some personality disorders should not be treated by any hypnotherapist. 


I work with another therapist too, is that a problem?

It depends on what type of therapy that is. If it's another form of mental health therapy, then for ethical reasons I can not work with you. If it's a physical therapeutic modality like acupuncture, nutrition, yoga, etc, then yes, they can absolutely work in tandem with hypnotherapy.


Can hypnotherapy work for any ages?

As long as cognitive function is strong, there is no upper age limit for hypnotherapy and it can absolutely work for children above the age of 8. 


I'm curious about Cognitive Hypnotherapy but not sure whether this is for me. Can I have a 'taster' session?

Yes, absolutely. Our first therapeutic conversation is free -- while you're having this first session, you can also decide whether you'd like to continue and have more. 


What if I can't get hypnotised?

Has it ever happened to you that you left home but had to go back to check whether you locked the front door because you just couldn't remember? Or you drove on a familiar road but couldn't understand how you reached your destination so fast -- where did the time go? Well, these are just some examples of naturally occurring trance states illustrating what happens when the subconscious takes over. Hypnosis is nothing more mystical than this and therefore, unless you're actively resisting, you're able to reach a trance state and hypnotherapy will work for you.


How many sessions do I need?

Even if you think you just want to change/get rid of a bad habit, it still takes a minimum of 21 days for the subconscious to adapt and make the change permanent. So, depending on the complexity of your problem you might need only a month-long programme or anything up to 12 months. We can determine this during our free conversation. 


Can this really work online?

Hypnotherapy is a form of talking therapy and since there is no physical touch involved it can absolutely work online, yes. The most important part is building a connection and rapport, and as long as the internet connection is solid, online hypnotherapy is just as powerful as in-person therapy. Many people these days prefer online therapy because of its convenience and not having to worry about travel time, parking, etc. 


Can you make me do things I don't want to?

No, I can not, nor would I want to. Hypnotherapy is not about making you do things I want you to, it's the opposite. It's about empowering you to do what you want to. Imagine it like being fully engrossed in a movie (you are in trance) and suddenly the loudspeaker requests you to strip off and make two laps around the cinema naked. The absurdity of the request snaps you out of your trance immediately. Similarly, anything that does not feel right during our session would simply snap you out of your trance immediately and you are always in control of your behaviour. 


How do I start?

Start by getting in touch to arrange your first free therapeutic conversation.

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