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Lending a Helping Hand



Meet your difficult emotions and shift your mindset


get your life back and boost your fertility chances

Since you’ve decided it’s time for becoming a mum, your almost perfect life turned into a wicked game of emotions. Fighting for motherhood, the very thing that happens on a whim for others, makes you feel defeated, exhausted and broken. It is SO unfair! 

You can’t even remember the last time you woke up thinking of nothing else but having a baby. You live and love on the clock. Having fun, just for the sake of it, now seems like a habit from the past. You’re so busy trying to do all the right things to improve your fertility that you forget about everything else that once made your life worth living. But mostly, you forget about the human that is you, who needs your own love and care.

You’re forcing yourself to smile when you feel like crying and nod politely when you feel like punching – all the while you can't stop thinking about what if you’ll never have a child. You get through work deadlines and family gatherings all the while feeling sad, lonely and all you want to do is curl up in your bed. At night, when no one can see, you bury your grief into googling what you’re doing wrong, until you're finally able to fall asleep. In the morning, it starts all over again, every morning.

What if you could pull the emergency break on this rollercoaster?

What if you could have more control over your emotions and feel like yourself again, while also boosting your fertility?

AnikoHome-020 (1).jpg

Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy an occasional glass of wine or a cheeky piece of chocolate without guilt whispering - no, rather shouting - in your ears: ‘are you mad, you’re ruining all your chances!’?

And instead of legs in the air - fun out the window, falling asleep with a smile on your face?

How about scrolling over pregnancy announcements and baby pictures without a lump in your throat forcing you to cancel your next meeting? 

What about shopping for a baby shower with ease and even allowing yourself to imagine it could be yours soon? And enjoying meet ups with your pregnant friends and mummies without feeling like the Orient Express ran you over?

Imagine giving google a break from all things fertility and filling it up with searches of weekend gateways, ‘cozy pubs near me’ and where to go on girl's days out.

Wouldn’t it feel awesome not having to hide your fist in your pocket but being able to answer with a genuine smile and a “thank you, I am” when even the stranger on the bus tells you “just relax and it will happen”?

What if living with your dream of becoming a mum, instead of letting it take you on an emotional rollercoaster every day, could be possible for you too?

How would it feel to:


  • stop putting your life on hold until you finally have a baby, and enjoy it instead while you are on the wait

  • feel more balanced and dare to hope again, knowing that your healthy mindset is supporting your body’s reproductive process

  • know how to handle the emotions you’d prefer not to have instead of squashing them down or trying to cope with them in unhealthy ways

  • build a habit of everyday self care that goes beyond the occasional nail bar visits and also set healthy boundaries to feel more in control

  • be able to smile again without the constant cloud of sadness over your head


Yes, it IS possible!

You CAN get your life back and enjoy it during the wait, and also improve your fertility chances.

And I’m here to help you.


I’m a fertility mindset specialist supporting women who've tried everything to get pregnant but are drowning in the never-ending cycle of hope, worry, and despair.


Peeing on a stick is heartbreaking, and the fear of never having a child is consuming their lives.


I help them to take a breather, gain emotional strength and enjoy their life again so they can boost their fertility chances too.

put chronic stress behind you and live a more relaxed and balanced life so you can indeed give your fertility chances a boost

feel heard and understood so you can forget the lingering feeling of loneliness and finally stop the ‘what am I doing wrong’ voice in your mind

be able to pause and listen to your emotions and understand what they want from you, so you break free from their control

have a healthy set of self care habits and coping mechanisms in place, so overindulging to numb your pain becomes a less tempting solution

build healthy boundaries and have a toolbox of proactive techniques to remain composed in any situation, so the worry about crying no longer stops you from having a social life

As a result of working with me you'll:

The “Fertility Emotional First Aid”


Your “Trying To Conceive story” Questionnaire

Answer a few simple questions about your trying to conceive story with focus on how it all makes you feel. Getting clear on your real frustrations and signalling some hidden beliefs before we talk will help us make the most of our time together! 


Emotional First Aid Session

During our 90 min coaching session you'll take the first steps on the path towards the emotionally balanced, happy you. We’ll talk about you, your feelings and struggles and how your difficult fertility journey affects various areas of your life. You’ll leave the session feeling heard and less alone making a shift towards nurturing you and your own human in preparation for nurturing your baby.  You’ll also see a clear path towards getting your life back on track which will motivate you to prioritise your emotional wellbeing long after our session.


Personalised Success Steps & Client portal access

After our call you’ll receive your personalised, actionable success steps so you can start implementing small changes to make you feel better right away. You’ll also receive a summary of all we discussed so you’ll have a reminder to keep looking after your emotional health so you can enjoy your life during the wait. I’ll also give you the password to your online client portal where you can download additional information about the power of emotions over fertility.


How you are feeling check-in 

After completing your first action steps for 1 week, we’ll talk again for 30 minutes to discuss how it made you feel and what you’ve learned in the process. At this point you’ll have experienced the power of prioritising your emotional wellbeing and implementing small but conscious lifestyle changes! We’ll talk about what worked for you and what didn’t so you’ll continue to progress towards the emotionally healthy and more fertile you.

Life doesn’t have to be hard while you are trying for a baby.

It is possible to find your “fertility happy”.

And a happy you will also have more chances to conceive. 

Are you ready to feel less poo and more you? I’m excited for you, let’s get you started.


I also know that Infertility is a sensitive and intimate issue to talk about and you wouldn’t want to share it with just anyone.


This is why

I invite you for a free, confidential conversation

so you can get to know me a bit more and see whether I’m the right person for you to confide in.

And it also gives me the chance to get to know you and see whether I’m the best person to help you.


You have nothing to loose but everything to gain.


I look forward to connecting with you.

From my first meeting with her I found Kat to be extremely warm, caring and empathetic and she made me feel very comfortable to open up to her.

Kat’s support has been amazing – having weekly sessions has allowed me to explore my feelings about my fertility journey as well as issues I was experiencing in my life and it has made such a difference to feel heard and supported. It has been super useful for me to have someone holding me accountable to the success steps and making sure that I integrate some of these new tools/behaviours into my life. 


Learning to process my emotions in a healthy way rather than just suppressing them til I burst has been especially powerful. I loved having the hypnosis recordings to listen to in between sessions and to make a part of my daily routines.

- Kelly 

Kat has been very supportive and offered different point of views on various problems. I wish I have met her years ago.

I have always known while trying to conceive for 6 years that my mental health and emotional support where seriously lacking. Yet there seemed to be nobody out there to provide what I needed.


In our first chat with Kat, I had a chance to pour out all that has been bothering me for years and then working through the sessions has shown me where to focus, how to be calm and happy in my current situation. 

- Martina

I wanted to say a big thank you to Kat who was patient, kind and a considerate specialist.

Focusing on the mental health aspect of fertility and pregnancy was the biggest change for me - I think I was just going through the motions of IVF etc ignoring a lot of the emotional aspects. I was blocking out thinking about what the IVF process was doing or creating in my mindset. I think the positive mind has such an influence on our body and the mindset sessions in conjunction with other treatments can really benefit fertility but also, and more importantly, help empower clients to cope with whatever life throws at them.

-  Sophie 

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